I thought I would share with you all a picture of the lower garden.  It is doing pretty good.  The upper garden is having a little more of a difficult time.  We are having trouble keeping the calves out of it.  They seem to find new ways to get out every day and seem to enjoy the corn in the upper garden very much.  Shadow is getting too old to chase them and Jasper is just learning.  He is on the accelerated learning program right now as I want him to learn quickly.  He actually is getting much better.  He “sometimes” listens and obeys commands.  Sometimes he is just so happy that the calves are running from him, he doesn’t care where they are running.  Oh well, that’s life on a farm.

I helped Hubby today at the farmhouse job.  We thought we would start on running the pipes for the plumbing.  However, the walls in the bathroom were in terrible shape, so we started tearing out the sheetrock in there.  We will be running the pipes up and over the ceiling as there is not enough crawl space underneath.   These older homes were built right down on the ground.  The bathroom has a rock type flooring on it and the owners are wanting to keep it.  This suits me just fine as I was not looking forward to trying to crawl under that floor.   The girls worked on history and science while I was helping Hubby.    We had brought our portable grill with us and did  a picnic for lunch.  We had hot dogs, potato chips and oreo’s.  The lunch of champions.  It was fun.  We set up under a huge walnut tree and were entertained by a very friendly squirrel while we ate.  I brought the girls home after lunch.  They did the house chores while I went back to help Hubby.  It was a full day. 

I hope you all have a great evening and God bless. 


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  1. Your garden is looking good. I hope that your upper garden will do well. Calves do like to get into things.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of the house that you are working on. What a blessing for your husband to have this job.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  2. Your garden looks wonderful! I hope Jasper learns to keep cows out of the garden soon. 🙂

    I want to see pictures of the farmhouse too. Maybe I can see the real thing one day. 🙂 A rock floor sounds very cool.

    Have a great weekend.



  3. Hi Donna.. Sorry I missed a few posts but I am caught up now.. smile.. Loved seeing the pic of your home and your garden is doing awesome.. We have ours in but it is not up good yet.. We have had a lot of rain until the last few days.. I also love all of your out buildings as we call them…
    Have a great Sunday, dear friend…


  4. You guys have been busy.Your garden looks great. We lived in an older house once and it too was directly on the ground. I would have to agree, that does sound like the lunch of champions. 🙂



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