More Snow Pictures


Our snow has finally stopped (I hope)!  We ended up with about 22 in with drifts much more than that.  I think someone said the official report for Floyd was 30 in but I’m not for sure on that.


Anyway, it is definitely beautiful and we have eaten all the snow cream we want.  Time for spring now!


So after showing you a few of the beautiful snow pictures I thought I would show you the down side of all that snow.  This is the hill going up the main road at our house.  As you can see, nothing has traveled it except the tractor.


This is the main road going down from our house.  These pictures were taken late yesterday.  As you can see, we are definitely stranded here.  Thank God we are people who are comfortable being at home or we might be going a little crazy by now.  If you look closely you can see where the road should  be.  These drifts are too deep for the tractor so I guess we’ll be waiting on the state to come and clear them.  It is a state maintained road so they will come eventually.


This is the road.  This is going down toward the milk barn.


The graveyard at the top of the hill.


My girls having fun.


I will leave you with another beautiful picture.  If you look closely to the left of the hay barn you can see our house where we are snuggled in with a warm fire, hot chocolate and a good book.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



6 thoughts on “More Snow Pictures

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  1. Those are fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I am guessing, since you are posting that you have power, that can make all the differance when one needs water from a well these days. Glad you are home in the warmth and have so much fun snow to enjoy for a while. smile Be safe and keep enjoying the days. smile Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  2. Love your pictures! Certainly a winter that many of us will remember. We are 3/4 of an inch away from the snowiest winter on record for Central Indiana. One to four more inches are in the forecast for tonight so I think we are going to pass it up. Enjoy your hot chocolate and cozy fire!


  3. Donna, your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I also have a question about the cemetery at the top of the hill. Does it have a name, or do you know the names of any of the people? I am researching my family and many of them were born, lived and died in that area. I’d love to come and see some of the stones sometime. Thank you and take care! Linda


  4. Wow Donna, you sure do have plenty of snow. But I know who you feel,it’s pretty BUT…… Spring is pretty too and enough is enough…..hehe!
    Glad to hear all is well. Take care and say warm Dear.


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