Free At Last!


Hello everyone!  Guess what??  Come on, guess!  Yes, we are finally free.   Thanks so much to the ones who worked so hard to clear our road.  I didn’t even know Floyd had a snow blower but this guy came thru on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  At that point, the road was still pretty rough.  Last night about midnight, the road grater came through. He kept trying to get up the hill but couldn’t make it all the way.  No one lives up above us anyway so it’s not a big issue.


This picture was taken at the top of the driveway.  See the road is clear, well, maybe not clear but passable.



Hubby took us down to the milk barn to get milk.  It’s amazing how much you miss having milk.  Today made 7 days since we had been out!  Well six days for me as I took the bread to R G Cattle on Tuesday of last week.  I don’t know if just going down to the milk barn really counts as getting out but it sure did feel good.



Hubby took this picture the other morning as the moon was going down over the hill.  I thought it was very pretty.

Time for school to start for us.  I hope you have a great day and God bless.



4 thoughts on “Free At Last!

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  1. Oh Donna, it must be awful to have so much snow when you are not used to it.. I can’t imagine as we have huge amounts of snow most Winters and actually miss it when we don’t.. We are all prepared for it but when you don’t have the equipment it must be even a bit scary.. Hope your Spring comes soon..
    Your pics are beautiful, though..
    God bless…xo


  2. Oh my, that is one HUGE rig isn’t it. smile So glad you all are able to get a little further out these days. I’m not sure about the milk barn – how milk cows do without being milked for that long or really much about it – but it probably felt like going to town for you all to have that luxury again. smile I am happy with you. smile That looks like quite a lot of snow on the sides of the “cleared” road. smile Be safe and let’s be thankful for the snow that puts water back into the ground for later use. smile Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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