I think irises are very pretty.  These were given to us by a friend at church last year.  When we planted them, we were not sure they would live but I think they look pretty good.   Today has been a beautiful day here in Floyd.  Temperatures in the mid 70’s with a gentle breeze.  A beautiful day to hang clothes out on the line.  Today Hubby and I set up the wringer washing machine for us to use.  We had it set up and ready last fall however the line froze and burst so Hubby had to do some repairs.  We are ready now.  The girls and I washed 3 loads of clothes on it today.  It was hard to keep them focused on school because they wanted to help with the wash.  I’m sure this thrill will wear off before summer is over but we’ll see.  It is a little more work than the automatic machine but more fun to use.   I am very thankful to have it.   Yesterday, I made some strawberry-rhubarb jam.  I used some of the  strawberries we got Saturday in N. C. and the rhubarb came from our patch.  This is the first thing we have canned for the year.  I am looking forward to much more.  I really enjoy canning our own food.  It is a lot of hard work but I think it is worth it.  At least I know what’s in the jar I’m opening for supper.  Well, I have much to get done.  Take care and God bless.

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  1. WRINGER WASHER: clothes sometimes would get caught in it and wrap around the ringer?
    Does anyone have video of this machine in action? I would love see the clothes go into the rollers.
    25 year Julle


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