My Accomplishment-Pumpkin Roll


For many years, I have thought about trying to make one of these.  However I have always been intimidated by the idea of rolling it up.  I’m not sure why as I make many other things that need to be rolled.  Anyway, today was the day I put my fears behind me and tackled it.  Guess what?  It was not near as difficult as I thought it would be.  With a little practice, I think it would even be easy. 

Today is an absolutely beautiful day here in Floyd.  Temperatures are in the mid 60’s. Lots of sunshine.  Just beautiful!  I can hardly wait to get my stuff finished and get out in this wonderful weather.   Yesterday I cooked a large pork roast in the crockpot.  We had pork roast, cheesy potatoes and pinto beans.   Tonights menu will be pork bbq with homemade buns, home fries and slaw.   I think there will be enough pork left over for burrittos tomorrow night.  I like to do this.  Cook a large amount of meat and then use it in several different ways for supper over the next few days.  This speeds up cooking time in the evening. 

I think I need to get busy.  My “green swing” is lonely and needs me to come keep it company.  God bless.

4 thoughts on “My Accomplishment-Pumpkin Roll

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  1. I’ve made this several times…my recipe is from Orba. Miss all of that good food we used to get on our trips to VA…..Orba, Kat, you and your mom’s cooking, yummy!
    And, again, you always make me hungry when you post what you are having for dinner :). I’m going to try your roll recipe when Amy comes home next month! Or, maybe before….you know a trial run 🙂

    Have a Blessed day! Love ya!


  2. That pumpkin roll looks so good! I am loving this weather. I have all the flower beds cleaned out and attempted to separate the iris bulbs. Quentin will have to help me. I want to put some on the hill by the driveway with the plants that Barbara gave us last fall.


  3. It looks wonderful. I was talking with my oldest daughter and we are going to attempt it this weekend.

    We have had 1/4 inch of rain today. There is a light wind blowing that makes it even colder. The fire is going and I have enjoyed being by it as I sew.



  4. Your pumpkin roll looks wonderful! I have seen them too and they do seem a little intimidating!

    It is such a pretty day here also ~ blue skies and plenty of sunshine! So nice after a cold and rainy day yesterday.

    What homey meals for you! It is so nice to cook something up and be able to make several meals out of it.

    Enjoy your green swing!



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