Lilac Bush


Our lilac bush has lots of buds on it. YEAH!  If all goes well, it will have lots of beautiful, sweet smelling flowers soon.  We have a small bush we just planted a few years ago at the edge of the garden and it is full of buds too.  I love spring.   I think our rain has stopped for a few days.  It is still very cloudy but the forecast is for the sun to come peeping through this afternoon.  It is already warmer than it was all day yesterday so that is a good sign.   We are hoping to do some more outside work after school.  We have been trying to start school a little earlier so that we can be finished around lunch.  Then we have the afternoon for work and play.  It seems to be working out well so far. 


Yesterday, while the girls were at their piano lessons, I went into our local thrift store-Angels in the Attic.  It operates entirely on donations and volunteers.  All the profit each month is given to help local needs.  It is amazing.  They have moved 3 times because they keep growing.  The last time they moved, they purchased the building and in about 2 years had it paid off.   Since all workers are volunteer they have very little expense.  It has really helped our community.  The lady who thought it up is a Christian and tells everyone she can “It is all God”.  Anyway I said all that to say this.  Many years ago, my sister-in-law gave Hubby a coffee cup.  He loves this cup and uses it every morning.  Well, guess what I found.  One that looks just like it at Angels for 25 cents.  How exciting!  This morning I put my coffee in the new cup so that our cups matched.  Cute!  Ialso found this pretty glass.  I love old dishes and this glass just so wanted to come home with me. 

I better get busy.  It’s almost time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Lilac Bush

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  1. What a great ministry. I like the glass. Our lilac is behind yours. I do love the smell of lilacs.

    Have a great day with your family.



  2. I almost went in Angels yesterday but after freezing my ears off at slaughters, I wimped out! I have seen mugs like that somewhere but I can’t remember where. I like the glass too. Looks like it should be filled with ice and lemonade 🙂

    Have a great day of work and play,



  3. Hi Donna… I love thrift shops.. We have a few here that are my favorites. Old dishes are one of my fav things and I sell a lot of them in my wee shop in the summer. Although, a few find their way to my pantry shelves. smile….
    We still have a lot of snow here in Eastern Canada and the lilacs are a few weeks away….
    God Bless….


  4. Oh, for it to be lilac time again! Such a wonderful smell.

    How neat that you found a mug to match! Always fun to find thrifty treasures! 🙂

    Blessings on your evening!


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