Our Latest Find


Here’s a picture of our latest yard sale find.  Saturday we went down to Jessica’s to celebrate Sam’s first birthday.  Happy birthday, baby boy.   We ended up not getting to stay for the party as Grace was not feeling well.  When we got down there, though, one of her neighbors was having a yard sale.  We walked over with Dave to check it out and found these books.  I could not believe it when she told me the price.  $5.00!  Yeah, I was one happy mama.  10 childrens classics.  I love old books.

Yesterday was my beautiful Julie’s 13th birthday.  Happy birthday my darling girl.  After church we went out to eat and then went to the movies.  We watched Kung Fu Panda 2.  Going to the movies is still a big treat for us.  We don’t do it very often because we want it to remain special and because there are very few good movies to go see.   Anyway we had a fun but busy weekend. 

We got a little rain last night.  Hopefully enough to get the garden growing.  Sunshine today with comfortable temperatures.  Saturday morning we were down in the 40’s but I think that will be the last of the cooler mornings.  Well, I have clothes to hang out and school to do.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. You find the best books ever! Madison is reading Heidi right now-one she found at Goodwill 🙂 She and McKenzie read for a while in bed every night.

    I am glad Julie had a happy birthday!! Going out to eat and to the movies is a wonderful way to celebrate. Wow, and just like that, they can turn into teenagers-doesn’t seem fair!

    I am going to go put in a load of clothes and go over math with Madison. I wouldn’t want you to be doing those things all alone!


  2. Happy Birthday, Sam and Julie! What a great find at the yard sale. I love the old books. What a fun birthday.

    Emily has finals today and tomorrow and then we are done. Have a great day. I don’t think we will be hanging clothes up outside as we are suppose to have rain.



  3. That was a great find! As I was sitting here reading your post I thought how much fun we would have if we lived near each other 🙂 We’d go dumpster diving and yard sales all the time:) I love love those books! I love old books too and those would be great for any collection 🙂 That was a great price too. Our Goodwill bookstore has a section for vintage books and just one of those would be 5-7 dollars. Happy Birthday to your little man and dear daughter 🙂
    Blessings, Cary Ann


  4. Happy Birthday to everyone..
    I actually have the exact same set of books… I think… We had bought them about 30 years ago or so..
    Have a great evening…


  5. I love old books too! What a wonderful find! Happy Birthday to your sweet ones! And I love love love your quiet resting spot with a beautiful view!

    Blessings on your day!


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