Ducks and Geese


The ducks and the geese were in the yard together this morning.  Look how much they have grown.  The mama duck has 5 babies that have survived.  One goose is missing.  We are hoping it is not mama or papa.  From what I can understand they mate for life.  If something has happened to one of them it would mean no more babies, which would be very sad.

Our VBS has been a lot of fun so far.  2 more nights to go.  Thursday night is family night.  We went with Hubby yesterday.  He had a little repair job at this house on Claytor Lake.  We worked on school while he did the job.  Then we went down to the lake for a picnic.  It was a nice day.  I, of course, forgot the camera so no beautiful lake pictures.

Today is a beautiful day here in Floyd.  Temperature is in the lower 70’s as of now.  The sun is shining and we have a slight breeze.  Very nice.  We are hoping for nice temperatures this weekend as Dave, Jess, and the boys are coming up.  We hope to go into town on Saturday night and watch the fireworks. 

I have clothes ready for the line so I better get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. I love seeing your ducks and geese. Hopefully nothing has happened to papa goose. Too bad we missed VBS! I love visiting Claytor Lake. Maybe we can all camp there together soon. If Floyd is doing their fireworks on Saturday we will have to go to Blacksburg or Christiansburg on the 4th. Have a fun weekend and see you some time next week 🙂


  2. The geese and ducks are so cute! Are they wild geese or did you raise them? I hope you have a great night tonight at VBS. I believe our Saturday tempts is suppose to be around 98/99. We are actually starting to get use to it…if such thing is possible 🙂 I hope you and your family have a great weekend together. If you don’t mind I might email you later with a canning question.
    Many Blessings,
    Cary Ann


  3. I finally caught up on your blog. You have been busy. We are getting some things, but tomatoes are a long way away.

    When I read about Claytor lake in your entry, I thought, that sounds very familiar. I read that on the map as we drove by on I-81 on Tuesday going from Richmond to Nashville.

    Have a great evening with VBS. I am so glad the girls are doing well.



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