Today is a beautiful day here in Floyd. The sun is shining. Temperature is 55 degrees. I LOVE IT! I know there are lots of people who enjoy winter and cold weather. I am not one of them. For my part, it could just stay like this until spring. I’mpretty sure it won’t though. Wehave lots of geese on the pond today. Probably close to 50.They seem to be enjoying the warmer temps too.

We have been busy today making treats for Jessica’s “goodie” basket. So far, we have made chocolate chip cookies and Russian tea cakes.We still have Martha Washington balls and peanut butter balls to make. She always wants ritz crackers with peanut butter spreadbetween them, dipped in white chocolate with an m& m on top(I have no idea what this is called but it is one of her favorites). Tomorrow I will be baking a ham and making homemade rolls. Other things on the menu (as of right now)-pasta salad, green beans, cocktail weiner, angel punch and sausage balls.

I guess I better get busy-more candy to make. I love this time of year. Enjoy your day and God bless.












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6 thoughts on “Geese

  1. The geese are so pretty on your pond! I bet you really enjoy just sitting and watching them. All those cookies and food sound wonderful! Hope you have a great day.

    Cary ann

  2. Yum-yum! I’m hungry now. 🙂 The geese and pond are so pretty. Maybe if we pray and wish and hope really hard it will stay like this until spring. Maybe?

    Have fun making goodies and a great time on Saturday.


  3. Oh my Donna.. May I come for a visit? grin.. I would love to try some of those treats..
    I am like you and do not need snow or cold weather.. Oh well, I need to be realistic.. I live in Canada.. The snow will come..
    God bless my friend..

  4. Beautiful weather you all are having. I think we were up to 40. Your goodie baskets sound good.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  5. Your post made me terribly hungry.:) The warm weather has been nice but I hope we get some snow in our neck of the woods. LOL. We love the peanut butter dipped crackers too. I’m going to start my holiday baking this weekend.:) I wish I lived close enought to get a goody basket. 🙂 It all sounds so good. I hope you enjoy your weekend.


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